The ZK-Ultra Logo

The ZK-Ultra was a Conspiracy to Overrun The Empire with Rebellions all around the Globe. It's Leader was known as 'Daykin' who was 'Jim The Almighty's Right Hand Man and took part in The British Rebellion in 2017 whom escaped the aftermath of the Imperial Victory.

The Group was Started In Late 2017 as a Plan B if The Rebellion failed (most likely by Jim Himself.) It was Based In Sweden and Started to incite rebellion into those who wanted to take power for themselves, starting ruthless and brutal militias.

The Group was only stopped when 'Jones' (Daykin's Second in Command), revealed to be a double agent and Hacker working for 'Men Without Faces' in 2018 , forwarded a message from Daykin to the Other Leaders, Straight to The Empire and The Inner Circle. An I.S.S Squadron attacked their base facility resulting in Daykin's Death and The Facility's Self-Destruct.

It isn't known if The ZK-Ultra Organisation are still active today, but there has been no reports of the group since the 2018 Conspiracy.