The Imperial Palace is in Iceland

The Elysian Democratic Socialist Party was Set Up In 2012 as a front for The Elysian Empire . It was Headed by Chancellor Jay and Vice Chancellor Oliver (who later became President.) It is The Current Party in Power and It's Leader is Chancellor Elect Oliver.

The Party Won The 2013 General Election since Labour, The Liberal Democrats and The Conservatives had failed to gain enough support from The Public who thought it was time for a new Party, The Elysian Party promised (and Delivered) many things that The Other Party's could not do for the country.

In 2014 the Party became obsolete as The Country was busy with conquest, however this proved a complication when Jim The Almighty managed to Start a Rebellion in 2017 in a bid for his own power, however the Empire won the resulting Civil War.

The Party became Active again in 2018 (now run by Oliver who claimed the title 'President Elect') to handle the captured territories at the time.

In 2020, two more party's came to challenge the Democratic Socialist Party, The Elysian Communist Party and the Right-Wing Elysian Republicn Party. All three Party's use the Name Elysian so as not to cause confusion (All Party's Imperial Elysian) note that whatever party is in Power, The Inner Circle will remain the same.

Elections are Held every Three Years (At The Imperial Palace In Iceland) and the next one will take place in 2023